What We Did in 2017
Focus: Advancing the CAUSE (Communication, Advocacy,
Unity, Strategies, Evaluation)

Executive Committee Highlights
  • Served on advocacy committees, attended and participated in numerous community activist events with VT Panel Discussion, Showing Up for Racial Justice, NRV Indivisible, and Virginia Organizing
  • Received approval from National for event affiliation with Christiansburg Police Department, League of Women Voters, and NRV Reentry Council
  • Revised and updated Branch Bylaws
  •  Had Branch President attend and serve as delegate to the NAACP National Convention in Maryland
  •  Served as delegates at the Virginia State Conference in Richmond with Branch President, Branch Secretary, Political Action Chair and Youth Advisor
  • Got approval at the VA State Conference for our drafted resolution to revisit the Area-Chair expectations

Information Team: Ongoing Updates for Information and News Team Leader: Dr. James Klagge 
  • Website: 1,207 Visits, 3.143 Page views
  • Facebook: We went from 219 to 317 followers ,162 Posts ,12,277 People Reached, 824 Page Views, 6 Messages
  • Twitter: Started Twitter account in March, 28 Tweets, 8 Followers
  • Publicity: Published articles on MLK Celebration (January), Juneteenth (June), Freedom Fund Banquet (October) in the Roanoke Times and The News Messenger and announced upcoming events
  • CREDO Presentations: Scheduled eight CREDO (Creating Civil Rights Education Development Opportunities) held throughout the year at General Body meetings. Presenters included representatives from the Virginia State NAACP, Virginia State Delegates from our service area, from local black organizations, the Virginia Education Association, and businesses, as well as community resources.

Awareness Team: Research & Relationship Building Team Leader: Rita Irvin
  • Education: Facilitated the distribution of Reentry Resources; posted Black Facts on website; hosted “Effective Parent Advocacy” Panel Discussion, started planning for “School Success Tools” project, had representation on Dialogue on Race Education Summit and NRV Reentry Council
  • Religious Affairs: Organized Town Hall Sessions held in Radford (10/9), Christiansburg (10/16), and Blacksburg (10/23) for pastoral and community involvement. Addressed community needs.
  • Health/Economic Development: Started the planning phase for promoting business summits and participation in health events
  • College/Young Adult Connections: Attended meetings with Radford University College Chapterand an event sponsored by VT NAACP Chapter members. Found 7 potential young adult participants who were made aware of NAACP involvement activities and/or are considering involvement

Civil Rights/Social Justice Team: Law and Order Advocacy Team Leader: Alvin Humes
  • Criminal Justice/Prisoner Support: Represented the Branch with President and Prison Affairs Chair during Job Fair at Bland Correctional Center; co-sponsored 13th Screening and Discussion;
  • Legal Redress: Conducted ongoing investigations and gave referrals for reported discrimination. Revised the “Discrimination Report Form” for easier completion.
  • Veterans Affairs: Held Veterans Day Program for “Honoring All Who Served.”

Financial Stability Team Team Leader: Debbie Travis
  • Finance: Completed and submitted financial reports with assessments to State and National
  • Fundraising Events/Projects
  •  Annual MLK program held engaging the community and received Scholarship Funding. Awarded two Community Service Awards.
  •  Bus Trip to the National Museum of African American History and Culture in Washington, DC – 60 attendees providing additional fundraising to Branch.
  •  Annual Juneteenth Celebration – co-sponsored and supported the NAACP Youth Council
  •  Annual Freedom Fund Banquet held with 380 attendees providing fundraising to support civil rights efforts locally and nationally. Net profits to Branch exceeded $ 6,000
  • Samuel H. Clark Scholarship,  Awarded $500 to a Blacksburg High School student. Revised 2018 guidelines and increased the award amount from $500 to $1000 up to five awards.
  • Approved acceptance of William Alderson Scholarship Funding at VA Tech for minorities in honor of the NAACP Branch by a Life Member of the Branch
  • Membership: Initiated Membership campaign and increased our membership count to 325 with five fully-paid Silver Life Memberships.

Political Action:
  • Met two times with Congressman Morgan Griffith on civil rights legislation; co- sponsored Christiansburg & Blacksburg Mayoral, Council, and House of Delegates Candidate Forums and “Who Gets to Vote?” Program; attended Blacksburg and Christiansburg Town Council, Montgomery County Board of Supervisors, and MCPS School Board meetings.
  • Sent letters to representatives regarding the Attorney General and a proper response to the Affordable Care Act. Members helped citizens register to vote.

MRF Branch Teams and Committees 

"Let justice roll down like water and righteousness like a mighty stream." ~ Martin Luther King, Jr. 

The NAACP is the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People. The Montgomery County-Radford City- Floyd County branch is one of over 2,200 branches covering all 50 states, the District of Columbia, Japan and also in Germany as well.

Information Team 1
Jim Klagge
Community Coordination

Awareness Team 2
Rita Irvin
Economic Development, Young Adults
Education, Health, Religious Affairs
Youth and College Connections

Civil Rights/Social Justice Team 3
Alvin Humes
Criminal Justice, Legal Redress,
Prisoner Support Political Action, Veterans  Affairs

Fundraising & Financial Stability Team 4
​Debbie Travis
Membership, Finance
Freedom Fund


We work at the local level in branches. The organization thrives with support from local churches, organizations and citizens willing to speak up and provide insight into the complexity of the issues that hinder the
"advancement of colored people" 

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